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Cum Christo

Columbus Cum Christo is a Catholic movement that is ecumenical. Cum Christo is a three-day experience that give you the tools to live out your 4th day, which is the rest of your life. The weekend is given by lay men and women, with a Catholic priest, a Protestant minister, and either a deacon or a sister on the team. The talks are geared toward Study, Piety, and Action. The talks give you ways to learn to study, ways to be active in your Church community or any environment in which you are involved, and teaches the many ways of Piety. Your action is to make a friend, be a friend, bring a friend to Christ.

Please pray and listen to see if the Lord is calling you to be on a Cum Christo Weekend!

For more information, please contact: Sally Zuccaro, Lay Director, Columbus Cum Christo, at 614-464-247 or www.cumchristo.org